Microsoft Surface Go – First Look

I stopped in the Atlanta Microsoft Store on Saturday just to look at the Surface Go and satisfy my curiosity. I had absolutely no intention of buying anything. But I walked out of the store with a Surface Go 128/8 with a Cobalt Blue Alcantara Type Cover and Pen.

I played with the Surface Go in the store for about an hour and couldn’t leave without having one. I have a main computer for heavy lifting but the niche that needed filling was having a small one pound tablet that runs full Windows 10. Before I left the store I set everything up and did the upgrade from Windows S mode to full Windows 10. Its the perfect size for Kindle reading and doing my morning email at the breakfast table. This blog entry was done with my new Surface Go. I love this little thing. Its just so dang cute!

Now that I’ve had the Surface Go for a few days, here are some thoughts. As an addition to my computer arsenal I really do like it. Being able to just grab something this small and weighing only a pound is a breath of fresh air.  I brought it along and used it while waiting at the Dentist yesterday and was able to do a few emails and catch up on some forums I frequent.  I wouldn’t have packed up my large laptop for this excursion, but the Surface Go was absolutely perfect. 

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