Anika is our pedigree Bengal cat and is the product of a cross between the wild Asian tree leopard cat and the Egyptian Mau cat.  The cats you see depicted on the walls of Egyptian tombs are of course Egyptian Mau cats.  It’s interesting that the ancient Egyptians named their pet cats after the sound they made.  “Mau”

Bengal cats were illegal to own in Georgia until a few years ago because of their wild lineage. They have been bred long enough now to be a recognized breed for showing and are now legal in Georgia. She has her wild lineage spots and domestic cats are not spotted.  Anika is much different from an ordinary domestic cat.  She is much smarter and behaves differently. She loves to climb and jump. She is very high maintenance and wants to play all the time.  She is very affectionate yet wants her own space too.

Scrolling through these images takes you from the time she was a little kitten to when she is now a full grown adult

Anika when she was only a few weeks old.
Anika at six weeks.
Anika at 2 1/2 months. We’re all ears and feet.
Anika at 4 months. You can see that she now rules the house.
Anika at 6 months
Anika at 6 months.
Anika as an adult. She has her adult colors and beautiful spots.

I’m very sad to say that Anika has died on September 28, 2018 after a two year fight with autoimmune disease. Kate and I are heartbroken.


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