DSC00453My Kawai 7′ 5″ Concert Grand

The piano has a magnificent tone, and the size allows the lowest octave to really resonate.  The ceiling goes up two stories so the sound can really expand.

I spend several hours every day in this room working on my technique and repertoire.

On the piano are the two-volume set of Haydn Piano Sonatas.  Haydn was one of Beethoven’s teachers and Beethoven dedicated his first piano sonata to Haydn.  I enjoy sight reading all the Haydn Sonatas.

On the coffee table is the two-volume set of Beethoven Sonatas.  I play all of them, albeit the late sonatas are not quite up to speed yet.  One can work on the Beethoven sonatas for a lifetime and still not really master them.

The bust of Beethoven in the bookcase was made from a plaster life mask.  Beethoven’s friends and contemporaries said this bust was his best likeness.  Beethoven died just a few years before photography was developed so this is the best we have for what he really looked like.

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