First Entry

This will count as my first entry on my newly configured WordPress site.  Its been quite an adventure the past few weeks deciding on what I would be using to work with my site going forward.  My old site had been dormant for a number of years and my web programming skills had also grown stagnant.  So it was time to do something about it.  The something ended up being a quick read of “WordPress: The Missing Manual”, and deciding that I had found exactly what site development software I wanted to use going forward.  I’ll be adding some of my better photos to the gallery page.  Some of my better photos are on the home page.  Maybe somebody will even stop by my page some day and leave me a comment.  Who knows?  Stranger things have happened!


  1. Saw some of your earlier photos on DPReview (if I remember correctly) that aren’t on your website/blog. They were well done, in the sense that the place was conveyed, not just the image. Looking forward to seeing more RX100M3 work, since you live in a scenic area. Did my graduate work at Tech, and remember it fondly.

    • Thanks Gil, I’ve been busy getting my arms around authoring a web site with WordPress. There is a lot to learn. I’ll be putting all the photos on the site that I had on the old site, it’s just taking some time to get it all done. I’ve been working to understand all the new things available with the new WordPress 4.0 and Photocrati 4.8 updates.

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