1. Hi Gary,

    Came across a post you made to DPreview on your Dell 9560 and your good experience with it.

    I just wanted your thoughts on my problem with the 9560 – the colours are weird and totally frustrated me that I went back to my older Dell XPS-15. Tried switching off Dell Color Premier – didn’t quite work. Next is to acquire a X-rite i1 DIsplay Pro Plus.


    • Hey Lee!
      Unfortunately in October my 9560 had a battery that swelled and ruined the machine. I had purchased it at The Microsoft Store and also had purchased a 3 year Microsoft Complete warranty. They gave me my full original purchase price to replace it!!! I added a few hundred and purchased an Asus ZenBook Pro Duo i9 and of course I again added a Microsoft Complete warranty!

      I would check that you have the current video driver by going to Device Manager and checking for driver updates.

      I never did have a problem with colors when I had the 9560. I did frequently calibrate it with the X-rite i1 Display Pro Plus. The 9560 was an excellent machine until it was ruined by a defective battery. I’m going to write a review of my new ZenBook Pro Duo. I love this thing!

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