My Sony RX100M3


For our wedding Anniversary this year, since both Kate and I are avid photographers, we decided to each get a camera that was both portable and made high quality images.  I’ve been a member of the photo website for many years and I’m constantly checking out the camera reviews and I follow several forums where cameras are discussed.   For a couple of years I’ve seen the Sony compact RX100 series of cameras get top reviews and the images were very high quality.  I’ve been using the RX100M3 for over two weeks and I can tell you that all the hype about the camera is true.  To have a camera of this quality small enough to fit in your pocket is nothing short of amazing.  Its really like having a miniature DSLR in your pocket.

Since the RX100M3 has a 1″ high quality BSI (Back Side Illuminated) sensor and a very high quality fast f1.8 Zeiss lens it is capable of making some portrait photos of people, pets, and plants that rival my Canon DSLR gear with professional L-series lenses.

Look at some of my first images under my Photo Gallery menu item RX100M3.


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