Google Fi

Google Fi is Google’s own ISP service. Kate and I had been on Sprint for 20 years and we were paying about $140 a month for Sprint’s unlimited family plan.

Our average monthly cost for Google Fi for getting the same service has averaged about $46 a month. That’s a savings of close to $100 a month for about $1200 a year. That’s a significant savings for the same service we had with Sprint. There’s no contract and you can terminate at any time you want. We couldn’t be more pleased.

With Fi the cost is $20 for the first phone and $15 for each additional phone. In addition you pay a prorated $10 per Gigabyte for actual data used with a cap of 80 Gigabytes. After the cap there is no further charge for data used. If you’re like us, your data use is almost entirely on WiFi so there is, of course, very little cost for data. We have a very fast Comcast WiFi data connection at home and there is WiFi available literally everywhere we go in the Atlanta area. So Kate and I use very little cellular data.

Google Fi uses the towers of Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular. Fi automatically chooses whichever tower has the best signal strength. Our service is actually better than Sprint ever was. I watch my phone to see what towers I’m connected to and where we go I’m usually alternating between Sprint and T-Mobile, depending on which one has the best signal. Transfers between towers are totally transparent when on a phone call.

We’ve been on Fi for over a year now and everything has been flawless. We’d make the change again in a heart beat!

And there’s no contract ever. Quit any time you want.

If you’d like to give Google Fi a try, use this referral link to get a $20 discount.

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